My $.02 on the Debate

After the debate on Wednesday, I had a nice conversation with my cousin that owns a towing company in Hartford, Connecticut. We talked about a few interesting points that, had Trump taken advantage of them, he could have really made Hillary look bad. Here’s a brief discussion of the points I’m talking about…

She didn’t deny that the Democratic party paid protesters to disrupt Republican rallies.

I think Trump did an excellent job of bringing this up, but once Hillary failed to deny this accusation during her rebuttal, he should have pounced on out. From what I understand, there is quite a bit of evidence to back this accusation and it’s something that could really hurt the democratic party. More importantly,  perhaps,  Trump should have asked what the FBI was going to do with this evidence. It’s apparent that the FBI gave Hillary a pass on the emails and private server scandal (even though a four star general is facing prison time for pretty much the same offense). Is the FBI going to look the other way and this development as well?

Hillary didn’t deny the pay-to-play scheme involving the Clinton Foundation

Again, Trump should’ve pounced on Hillary for not outright denying such a claim. Instead, she went on and on about how good the Foundation is. She never even addressed the accusation of a pay-to-play scheme.

Where’s the $6 Billion??

When Clinton was asked about the rumor that over $6 billion dollars has been unaccounted for from the State Department during her as head of the Department, she had no clear answer other than to say it’s not true. What’s not true? That no money is missing or that it wasn’t $6 billion?? Trump let her off the ropes on that one as well.

Look who else has tried to influence an election…

Hillary spent quite a bit of time asserting that Russia is trying to influence our presidential election and that Trump is in on it. Trump refused the accusation, but Hillary continued to discuss how wrong it is for Russia or any country to try to influence our election. I found this interesting because it was not too long ago that President Obama attempted to influence Israel’s election. I wish Trump jumped all over that one!!

Those are just a few of the many interesting tidbits of exchanges that caught my attention during the debate (I won’t get started on Hillary’s disclosure of the U.S’s response time for nuclear attacks). All in all, I think Trump did well. Hopefully it’s enough to get him elected. I guess we’ll know in a few weeks.